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This country only has 300,000 people and is the size of Kentucky. The people are lovely and the scenery, though often severe is breathtaking.

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Trip2VS- Monet In IcelandTrip2VS- Dandelions In IcelandTrip2VS- Hillside In IcelandFaxi- Falls On Tungufljot RiverFaxi- Vantnsleysufoss WaterfallFaxi- White Wild Flowers In IcelandGullfossA- Grassy Plateau In IcelandGullfossA- Golden Falls YonderGullfossA- Niagra Falls In IcelandGullfossA- Gullfoss of the Golden CircleGullfossB- Buttercups At Golden FallsGullfossB- Golden Falls White WaterGullfossC- Golden Falls in BWGullfossC- Golden Falls Up Close Split Color No1GullfossC- Golden Falls Up Close Split Color No2GullfossC- Canyons Beyond in BWGullfossC- Golden Falls Drop Point in BWGeysersA- Field at HaukadalurGeysersA- Strokkur of HaukadalurGeysersA- Natural Blue Lagoon