1.  Is the Digital Print Gifts watermark (generally showing in upper left hand corner) removed for purchased photography?  Yes! You only see the watermark online.  All photography purchased does not contain the watermark.

2.  Is there a way to know when certain prints could go (be hung) together to create a theme?  Yes! Simply match prefixes within a collection.  

3.  Do you recommend certain print sizes?  The two middle print sizes (12x18 and 16x24) are really nice for larger rooms.  And the two smaller print sizes (8" x 10" and 10" x 15") tend to work out quite well for smaller rooms.   Remember that when matting and framing are added, the overall dimensions increase.

Note: if, you are selecting two or more similar prints for themed home or office decor purposes, we recommend getting the same size prints, and making the same framing, matting and glass decisions.

4.  Can I have my print framed by you so that it can be hung up immediately upon delivery or it can be given as a gift and used immediately by the gift recipient?  Yes! This is a specialty of ours.  On a desktop computer, once you select a print size, on the top right of the screen, click on the black frame icon below Mount and Frame, and follow the instructions. On a mobile device, you'll click on Mount and Frame as well.  Note that, though, when you are presented with what appears to be a drop down field, when you click it, the screen may split and you are given a dial-like control at the bottom of the screen that you can use to make your selection.

5.  From a smart phone, like an iPhone, it seems like its not possible to select a mat and glass. Am I doing something wrong? When you click on each of these fields, you need to then go to the bottom of your screen and select the value you want using the dial-like control.

6.  What are your favorite frames and why?  First choice, Black Flat.  Second, White Flat.  They really make the prints pop and are handsome and appropriate regardless of decor.

7.  Can humidity damage a finished product?  Yes, great care should be given to not subjecting these items to humid conditions.  Print warping and color runs may occur.  The best option for a humid location will probably be the Styrene Mount.  Still, no guarantees can be made for the item not getting damaged in some way from this. 

8.  How do I select a matting?  The option to select a mat is below where you select a frame. Note that, on a mobile device, when you are presented with what appears to be a drop down field, when you click it, the screen splits and you are given a dial-like control at the bottom of the screen that you can use to make your selection.

9.  Do you typically recommend white or black matting?  It really depends on the effect you want and the frame you choose.  Let us say though, if you select a black wide frame, you most likely would want to use a white mat.

10.  What does matting and/or framing cause the final dimensions to be?  Adding just a frame to a print increases the width and height by approximately 2".  Adding a mat and a frame increases the width and height by roughly 4" on each margin (left, right, top bottom).  

11. Do you recommend clear or non-glare glass?  When you are not sure, we recommend going with clear.  It's the clearest!  Some folks may want to use non-glare for very sunny rooms that get a lot of light.

12. I see you offer a Styrene Mount. Why would someone select that? We recommend this option for those folks who: (1)  would like to have their local framer do the framing (2) are planning to use an easel or some other way of displaying the piece.  Getting it mounted onto the Styrene does a very good job of stabilizing the print (note that if it is not framed, over time, it could warp) (3) are undecided about whether they will frame it or display using an easel or some other method.  

13. Are Styrene Mount and  Frame/Mat selections mutually exclusive  (in other words, can you only select one or the other)? Yes

14.  Can I buy a print and just have it framed (and not have any glass)?  Yes.  Our prints have archival inks that are meant to stand the test of time.  And, if getting one of my "Painting Effect" pieces, having it just framed promotes the effect (oil paintings, for example, are not put behind glass because they need to breathe). Still, when choosing to frame without glass, know that it looses a level of protection.  Putting it behind glass also protects it from oils when people touch it.  Galleries have carefully controlled environments specifically for art and prints and this allows them to display works without glass.  Bottom line, when you opt to by one of my pieces and only frame it,  its best for you to not have it subjected to these environmental conditions: dampness/moisture (including any kind of sprays), extreme temps, direct sunlight, and finger prints.

15. Does the work that I purchase have an original signature?  Buyers of a mounted or framed piece are sent a label to affix to the back.  This label provides industry standard identification of the piece as well as an original signature.