Kathleen Morrison Gorbach has been a photography enthusiast for several decades. Perhaps what is common throughout her work is that she is drawn to capturing that which has a timeless, warm and peaceful, beauty.

Terrains of all types hold a special interest. These would include ocean coasts, mountains, hills and valleys, forests and pine groves, meadows and fields.

Simple, enchanting gardens, stone walls and paths are other subjects that get Kathy's regular attention. Classically beautiful water fountains such as those found in European cities including Paris and Rome as well as natural water movement as what is found with waterfalls and streams are a frequent focus.  Wild flowers, flowers growing in formal or casual gardens, and even those cut and placed into an arrangement is another theme Kathy photographs regularly.

Kathy will occasionally photograph objects she finds striking or captivating. It may be a specific kind of architecture in a modern city, ancient settlement or even certain kinds of transportation including sports cars with beautiful lines, steam locomotives, and horses.

And finally, you'll notice some of the collections  feature a special effect, such as Kathy's "Watercolor Effect" (WE) collections. Here they are: Burgundy France WE  and Paris France WE.  Watercolor Effect  is an exclusive processing technique Kathy applies to an original photographic image.  She's been an impressionist painting fanatic her entire life. The subtle warmth and light of outdoor scenes in particular, can be breathtaking. Monet & some of his contemporaries are among Kathy's favorite artists. See what you think!

Kathy's blog is:  www.wrappedbeautifully.com  In addition to photography/art, she has articles on timeless fashion and scarves she designs, smart adjustments to improve overall health,  what constitutes good and helpful thoughts which lead to a happier more fulfilling life.