There are seven reasons to shop for your digital prints from us instead of Home Goods.

(1) Subject matter-  We specialize in artistic and rare or unusual scenes.  It is hit or miss with "them". 

(2) Multiple related prints for themes- This is very helpful for office or large room decorating.   This is not available from "them".

(3) Quality of the print- We use high quality photographic paper.  "They" don't do this.

(4) Quality of the matting- We use high quality matting.  "They" don't feature high quality matting.

(5) Quality of the frame- We use high quality frames.  "Theirs" are low end.

(6) We safely ship to the destination whether it's your primary residence, vacation home or to a person receiving digital print(s) as a gift!  You know Home Goods doesn't do this!

(7) Price-  Depending on the size of the print, it's possible, you will pay 20% or so more for a framed and matted print from us as compared with Home Goods.  You get what you pay for!  We know how important price is today. But quality is important to you as well.  We balance quality and price very carefully so that we can get your business.  Our prices are still significantly less than your standard brick and mortar picture framing establishments.