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Flowers, trees and plants can be incredibly beautiful from a number of different perspectives and lighting conditions.

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GVT- Grape Vine Trellis GatewayGVT- Sun Drenched Grape Vine On TrellisGVT- Delicate Grape Vine Close UpSW- Stone Wall Done RightSW- Stone Wall Done Right Close UpSW- Yellow Flowers Around Stone WallSW- Yellow Flowers Near Stone WallRD- Flowers In Reykjavik PlanterRD- Daisy Bouquet In IcelandRD- Delightful Daisies In IcelandSEG- Birdbath Garden at EasterSEG- Perfectly Purple FlowersSEG- Pleasantly PinkIBP- Baby Blue Flowers Are Worth The TroubleIBP- Imperial Blue Plumbago To Die ForMKL- Miss Kim Monet BouquetMKL- Miss Kim Lilac Close UpMKL- Miss Kim Lilac Even CloserMKL- Miss Kim Lilac OutsideWL- White Lilly Bouquet